So you are having a stellar week and then it happens.  You fall off the wagon and it is food palooza! The first thing to hit you is the guilt and you feel like a failure. You think to yourself this is just too hard and for an instant you are really considering throwing in the towel. This is where you need to pull yourself together.

Don’t dwell in the guilt.  Don’t stay there in that place.  Pick yourself back up and get back to your healthy lifestyle.  You can get back on track!

Here are some tips to get back on track:

  • Journal about it.  Write down the offense and tell yourself that you are forgiven. What you tell a friend if this happened to them?  Be just as kind to yourself as you would to your friend. 
  • Workout, go for a run, grab a friend and go for a walk, or do some Yoga to refocus.  Exercise is a natural anti-depressant and will help you get out of your funk and get over that guilt. 
  • Fill out a workout calendar for the week.  Taking any kind of action, even just planning it out is going to help you get back to it.  
  • Meal Planning/Prepping.  Planning out some healthy meals will help you get your head back in the game.
  • Tell someone what your plans are to get yourself back on track.  Sharing your plan will help keep you accountable.


In addition to overcoming the guilt we have when we have a slip up we have to remember that this is our life. We want to live the best, healthy life we can everyday, but there are going to be times to indulge.  We just have to be in control at those times and plan for them the best we can.  

What are some ways that you that you get back on track and overcome guilt?  Please share your tips in the comments, as always I would love to hear from you!

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