Carnival Cruise Ship Liberty Serenity Deck

There is a lot of foot traffic behind our deck chairs but this doesn’t stop my husband from catching some zzzzz’s.  Looking at him and how peaceful he is I am finally relaxed. Sipping on my cold, non-alcoholic beverage, the wind is whipping through my hair and the sun’s warmth embraces my skin. The sway of the boat is a gentle reminder that we are afloat in the massive wide open space that is the ocean.  I fight the urge to dwell on the to do’s, the realities of life back home and work that is not getting done.  This is vacation and I want to be in the moment, here with my husband who has been wishing for this cruise for “7 years” as he has so often told me. 

The day started with my alarm going off at 6 a.m.  I didn’t sleep great, my knees woke me throbbing. This knee pain is a reminder of my Rheumatoid Arthritis and the effects of the many flights of stairs on this ship have on me. That is why even on vacation I am an early riser. I need to continue my healthy lifestyle because the pounds make the RA worse than it needs to be. I get up, turn off the alarm and quietly slip out of bed to put on my work-out clothes.  There is a gentle knocking at the door as a slide into my sneaker. The coffee and banana are here to get me started for the day.  After two cups of coffee and good morning kiss to hubby I head to the other end of the ship to the 11th floor.  Yoga class is at 8 a.m. so I have time to hit the treadmill before class.  Thank goodness I downloaded my workout playlist before we left home.  My playlist consists of some Flo Rida, Fall Out Boy, House of Pain, Missy Elliot, Rodney Atkins and a lot more music from different Genre’s but mostly all from the 90’s and early 2000’s.  This is what gets me going and wake’s me up.  Feeling great as I cool down around the 37 minute mark I am ready for Yoga class. 

Just Say Yes to Yoga!

I am still pretty new to Yoga.  A matter of fact today is my 3rd time officially doing a Yoga class.  I wasn’t sure how I would like this class because the first two that I took were on the beach back home.  Sunset Yoga is amazing and it leaves you feeling focused and refreshed.  Truthfully I wasn’t sure if it was the yoga itself or just the time on the beach watching the sunset that gave me that rejuvenated feeling.  It turns out that it was definitely the Yoga.  I left Yoga feeling happy, refreshed and ready for the day.  I wish I could bottle that up and take a sip of it anytime I am tired or overwhelmed.  It is simply amazing and I highly recommend it.

I am a plus sized Yogi, (I’m a Yogi! Yay!) and I can tell you it doesn’t make one bit of difference.  It doesn’t matter what size or fitness level you are at, you absolutely can and should do Yoga.  Sure I cannot manage all of the poses just like the teacher yet, but I can do enough that I still feel the benefits.  The more experienced Yogi’s say that the flexibility comes with time and the most important thing you can do is breath.  When I was first told that I just laughed, I think I am pretty good at breathing by now! Ha! Well once I got into it I realized it really is true.  The focus on your breath centers you, and connects you to your body and even your spirit. I find myself naturally just praying.  Yes…praying.  Little prayers of gratitude for this beautiful day, for this moment, for every moment I have had until right now and for all of the moments to come.  When I am doing yoga I find that I am just so happy to be alive and I am filled with a joy and a peace that I never experienced outside of church before.  It really can be a spiritually soothing experience. No matter what your religious belief it can present a connection with yourself and the world around you.  Try it and you will see.

Find Your Joy Facing Your Fears!

The funny thing is that I never every though that I could do Yoga.  It looks so difficult.  The stretches and poses that they do in Yoga just seemed completely out of my reach.  I am so happy that I faced the fear of failing at it and finally did it anyways.  How many things do we hold ourselves back from because we are afraid?  We often let our fears determine our fate and we miss out on so much because of that.  The truth is that it is facing that fear and stepping out of our comfort zones that helps us really experience life.  That is where the joy, the hope and best of life happens, when you face your fears.

What are you afraid of?  What adventures are waiting for you that you haven’t let yourself live out yet because of your fears? Share with me in the comments below.  Have you already overcome your fears and accomplished something great?  I would love to hear from you! 

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