Weigh In Dress Shopping & Sunsets


How cute is this pooch?  I was driving down the road on Saturday, in the middle of shopping for the “Cruise” dress, when I saw this gorgeous creature peeking out the window at me.  He put a smile on my face so I had to take his picture.  I hope he puts a smile on your face too.  One thing that is so important in our every day life is to really be mindful of our surroundings and to live in the moment.  Don’t let life just zip on by without you having actually lived it.

So to change things up tonight I am going to do a bit of a weekend re-cap. I finally got that dress shopping out-of-the-way that I was so nervous about when my husband suggested I needed a dress for the cruise last weekend.  It turns out that it was not as bad as I thought it would be and I actually found a dress that I am comfortable wearing.  Now truth be told when I try on clothes it is not like I put something on and think “Wow, I look awesome”.  The thoughts that run through my head once I find something that fits is “Okay, it doesn’t show too much flab”, “You can’t see my arms too much so that is good.”  and “I think I can deal with being seen in public like this.”  I know this sounds pretty sad but it is true for me as obese individual.  Clothes shopping is never fun.  The great news is that when I was shopping I actually was a size down since the last time I shopped. I don’t think i would be exaggerating if I told you that I tried on at least 10 different dresses before finding the right one. 


It was definitely a workout trying on all of those dresses! I did finally go with this black and white one pictured above.  So it was a successful venture all together and I am happy that I found something that will work.

There is this other thing I did that really took me out of my comfort zone but I think it was an important step to take for my blog and my journey.  I added a new section to my home page that actually tells you how much I weigh! It is really kind of scary to tell anyone how much I weigh, I don’t even think my husband knows.  Now everyone will know.  I thought it was important for my accountability and so you can see the actual numbers involved and see how much I lose each week.  This way we can watch the numbers go down together, which this week it did.  I weigh in every Saturday and this week I dropped 1.8 lbs. So it was a happy weigh in at Weight Watchers. 


Today after my house chores I did a bit of meal prepping.  I boiled eggs and cooked up some chicken and sweet potatoes.  I will eat the 4 oz of chicken and 1 small sweet potato for lunch and have two boiled eggs in a spinach salad for dinner.  Snacks will be oranges, bananas and grapes.  For breakfast I usually have a protein shake.  Right now I am using the Atkins protein shakes just because they were on sale at Publix, our local grocery store.  They are actually pretty good and only 4 points.  That is a great point value for breakfast.  In a post later this week I will go more into my meal prepping and give you a visual of what my typical food intake for the day is.  This week I have two times that I will be eating out.  Knowing this enables me to look up the menu before dining out and making a decision before I even get to the restaurant so nothing else will tempt me. 

I ended the weekend with another amazing night at Sunset Yoga! If you have anything like it where you live highly recommend it.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  I can feel where it really worked my core and my thigh muscles tonight. The weather was amazing and so was the beautiful sunset. The best way to describe it is that it was incredibly soothing to the soul. 

Remember it is important to take time for yourself in your busy schedule.  The most important thing you can do for all of the people in your life is to take care of yourself.  The better you feel the better you can take care of everybody else.


I hope you had a great weekend.  Please let me know in the comments below what you did this weekend?  Did you face any challenges or did you have any great successes?  I would love to hear from you.  If you like my post please share it with the buttons below.  Thank you and namaste. 




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