Sometimes all the diet advice can get really overwhelming but there are some basic things that just have to be done no matter what.  Whether you need to lose weight or not, everybody should be applying these easy healthy habits to their daily lives.

Drink water!

I know, we all know that we are supposed to drink water.  We have heard it all our lives, from our doctors, friends, and every diet article you read.  Well the reason why we hear it so much is because it is just a fact of life.  Staying hydrated is absolutely necessary for your overall well-being.  Do you have a headache?  You are probably dehydrated.  Irregular?  Drink some water. Water aids in your digestion.  Skin issues?  Drink water, the cells in your skin need the hydration to function properly.  These and many more are important reasons why you should be drinking water.  

So water doesn’t taste good?  You can add lemon to it and there are many flavor packets and gels that you can add to water now to make it tastier. Just remember everything you do good for your body now is going to keep you on this earth longer. So make a decision to make your health a priority. What helped me to make myself drink more water was an app called Plant Nanny.  It’s a free app that reminds you to drink water because it gives you a plant that will die if you don’t drink water.  Go to your app store and search for Plant Nanny.  It definitely helped me be the awesome water drinker I am today.  (I have no affiliation with Plant Nanny nor do i get any commissions of any kind, it is simply something that worked for me.) Don’t kill your plant, drink water! 


Portion Control!

Do not overeat.  I know it is way easier said than done but you can do it, you can control your portions.  There are a several ways you can do this.  

  • It might help you to look at the packaging of what you are cooking to see what the serving size is.  You will be surprised to see that the majority of the time it is way less than you think.  
  • Use your hands. You should have no more than a fist full of rice or pasta. Enough veggies to fit in two hands.  No more meat than what can fit in your palm which should be about 3 ounces. 
  • At restaurants order the small portion or ask for a to go box.  When your food comes put half of the food into the box and only eat whats left.
  • Use a smaller plate.  This actually helps to trick your brain into thinking that you are eating more than you are.

Toss the Junk Food or Give it Away!

One way to keep you from mindless eating of junk food is to not buy it.  Don’t even go down that aisle in the store.  It doesn’t matter if it is on sale, you really don’t want it in the house.  You will make life a whole lot easier on yourself if you don’t have access to those things in the house.  If you really have to have it than you would have to get dressed and go to the store to get it.  If you have a lot of it in your house right now, pack it up and give it away.  All you have to do is google “where can I donate food near me” and find your local food bank and drop it off.  You will be doing good for yourself and a person in need.  Make sure you stock up on fruits and veggies to snack on in their place.

Are You Really Hungry?

Another healthy habit is to identify if you are really hungry.  I know this may not seem easy when a craving hits you but you have to really think about it.  When you feel the urge to eat take a minute to listen to your body and feel if there is really a need for food or just the desire for food.  If you are like me most of the time I am not really hungry I am just in the mood for food.  Every time we eat our body releases a chemical called dopamine.  It is your body’s way to make sure you find eating pleasurable to stay alive. The problem is you can get addicted to this pleasurable feeling and this is where your desire to eat even when you are not hungry comes from. (The Thin Woman’s Brain: Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss, Dilia Suriel) So how can we combat this addiction? What I do when I get the urge to eat and I recognize that I am not really hungry, I distract my brain.  I tell myself that I am not hungry and then I drink water and say to myself I do not need food I need water.  Another thing I will do is decided to go for a walk, do a workout or some other activity to distract myself from that food desire.  I believe that if you develop the habit of distracting yourself from your desire or craving you can beat this addiction. 

I hope some of these tips will help you on your journey to a healthier you.  What are some healthy habits that you have?  Please share them in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you. 

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