So apparently lemons are good for you!  I know a lot of you probably genuinely enjoy lemons but I am not one of those people.  However, with my new understanding that food is not all fun and games, I have decided that there are some things I just need to add to my diet simply because it is good for us.  It really is fuel for your body.  Don’t get me wrong, I still intend to fully enjoy food, but I want to also make healthy choices for my body.

So back to why lemons are going to be a new and recurring part of my diet even though I do not think that they are delicious.  (My apologies to you lemon lovers.)  All you have to do is google “Why are lemons good for me” and you will see tons of posts with some real science and opinions on why you should be ingesting lemons on a daily basis.  They have fiber which is great for digestion, vitamin C that boosts your immunity, and according to Dr. OZ lemon juice is good for weight loss! In additions to adding lemons to my diet I have become a green tea drinker. In this new journey to a healthier me I have learned that lemon juice activates the antioxidants in green tea. Don’t add sugar or milk to your green tea. Use lemons! Sugar of course is as a good friend of mine says “the white poison”.  So adding this to your tea is just cancelling out all the good benefits you would be getting from it. So what have we learned?  Drink green tea and put some lemon in it!

Let me know how you use lemons in your diet in the comments below!

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