Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Well my husband doesn’t but he is just weird. So what happens when you’re at work and your whole department is eating cupcakes?  You end up with orange frosted covered lips that’s what! Okay, I know what you are thinking but this is going to be alright. All is not lost…this is not me falling off the wagon. The good news is I planned for this cupcake.  I knew it was coming and I accounted for it in my daily food intake.  See when you make eating well your lifestyle and not a diet with crazy restrictions it is much easier to do.

Now don’t get me wrong, we can’t eat cupcakes everyday.  We can’t eat cookies, ice cream and cheesecake just willy nilly.  However, you can prepare for it by adding it to your caloric intake for that day and not eating other high calorie foods. The best way to keep track of your food intake so you can watch your food budget for the day is either by keeping a food journal or using an app.  My fitness pal is a great app for tracking, fitbit has a food tracker on it and a big part of weight watchers is tracking your food on their app. Whatever you do keep track of what your eating.  When you first start tracking it is a huge eye opener at the amount of calories that are in some of our go to foods.  Things we think are healthy eating are actually either full of sugar or not enough protein.

It might feel overwhelming as you try to figure out what your healthy diet should look like.  Just take it one day at a time, it’s about making healthy food choices part of your lifestyle, not your diet.  If you are like me there will definitely be cupcakes in my life! 


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